‘Legalizing prostitution will protect sex workers’

Panaji: Social worker Tara Kerkar’s NGO ‘Savera’ on Monday came out in support of any proposal to regularize prostitution, saying that while those engaged in commercial sex services receive steady financial gains, they continue to remain vulnerable otherwise to exploitation and disease.

Referring to a recent instance where nine women escaped from the protective home for victims rescued from flesh trade, Kerkar said, “It is not possible to rehabilitate those employed in such trade because majority of them do not wish to let go of the employment as it pays well. What is required is regularization of the entire trade in the state so that those employed therein are protected by law.”

She further flayed the then chief minister Manohar Parrikar for cracking down on the red light area in Baina in June 2004. “What Parrikar did in Baina in 2004 was wrong,” Kerkar said. Members of Savera also expressed the need for an infrastructural upgradation of the protective home in Merces while calling for the staff and the counselors to be sensitive towards the women.

“Why do these girls run away? It is because they are not treated as victims, but as accused. They are forced to survive in deplorable conditions. The facility is crumbling down as the eight-member committee including two prominent persons working in this field have been inactive for over 10 years,” Kerkar said, while demanding an inquiry into the functioning of the committee.

Savera said that it has written a letter to the chief minister bringing to his notice the list of problems and shortcomings in the functioning of the protective homes in the state.

Tara Kerkar flayed former CM Manohar Parrikar’s demolition of Baina red-light area calling it “wrong”

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Judge: Rape facilitates a natural society where men are protectors



Molestation Case a Reminder of the Holes in China’s Sex Ed

China, SEPTEMBER 12, 2014 – Beijing Today

The nation’s attention has returned to child safety with the sentencing of Liu Zhi, a man from Hebei Province who molested numerous children in Beijing during the last five years.

Liu, who will be serving five years in prison for child molestation, said he targeted children who were left playing alone in the countryside and offered them money in exchange for sexual favors. When money didn’t work, he threatened violence.

While Liu is not the capital’s most serious offender, he is unusual in that all his victims were young boys. In questioning, he said he thought that molesting boys – unlike girls – was “not considered a criminal offense.”

Sexual Miseducation

But in the broader issue of sexual abuse of minors, Liu is not alone.

As recently as September 8, a 9-year-old girl known by the pseudonym Xiao Qi was found to have been repeatedly raped over three years by her neighbor, a 50-year-old man surnamed Qin.

The abuse was only discovered when Xiao Qi’s mother, a woman surnamed Liu, found blood in her daughter’s underwear and took her to the hospital. Doctors informed her that her daughter’s hymen had ruptured and that she had several gynecological infections.

When Xiao Qi told her mother that Qin had touched her, she was unwilling to believe her since the two frequently greeted each other on the street.

Xiao Qi said she was asked to go to Qin’s home every weekend and told to “look happy or face even more serious abuse.” Qin also told her that if she revealed the sexual abuse she would end up pregnant.

A Growing Trend

Chinese educators are offering more sex sex classes this year.

China’s educators are offering more sex classes this year.

There have been countless cases of child molestation during the last decade.

In September 2007, the 63-year-old Henan Province legislator Wu Tianxi was executed for kidnapping and raping 36 girls between the ages of 12 and 16 in less than a year. Police said it was due to Wu’s “superstitious belief” that having sex with virgins could help him end a streak of bad luck. Most of the girls were middle school students kidnapped by a gang he had hired.

That same year, a Guizhou Province couple Zhao Qingmei and her husband Chi Yao were sentenced to death for forcing 23 underage girls – one of whom was their niece – into prostitution. The youngest was 11 years old.

In 2009, a Beijing Children’s Hospital doctor named Gu Chengsuo was arrested for molesting two of his patients, a pair of girls aged 6 and 12.

While many psychologists have attempted to explain the impulses that drive people to sexually abuse children, there seem to be few common factors other than a difficult adolescence. Cai Chenrui, a psychologist in Beijing, said psycho-sexual problems are often tied to disordered memories of one’s early years.

But more than psychological issues, it’s the occupations of many molesters that are cause for worry.

Teachers and doctors enjoy an exceptional level of trust in society. Many parents are unwilling to entertain the idea that they could be causing harm. Friendly neighbors are also the last people most Chinese parents would suspect of child abuse.

But the facts show otherwise.

In the last three years, teachers including Wang Daoen, headmaster of a private school in Beijing, a man surnamed Lei, a primary school teacher in Chengdu, and Yuan Zhenshan, a primary school teacher in Beijing, were arrested and convicted of child molestation. Wang and Yuan were both sentenced three years in prison.

There have also been several cases involving doctors, though in many cases they were found not guilty due to confusion over where medical procedures end and molestation begins. The difficulty in collecting evidence in such cases also makes it hard for the courts to mete out punishment.

Undeveloped Laws

Chinese criminal law only makes it a crime to engage in sexual relations with a girl younger than 14. It says nothing of boys or fondling.

Sun Wenjie, a lawyer who often deals with child abuse, said all forms of molestation should be treated as equivalent to rape to avoid giving predators room to escape punishment. He also said a detailed list of acts which constitute “molestation” should be spelled out to show adults what they cannot do and teach children what they cannot accept.

Parents may also be to blame. In one Guangdong forum, a user Laojianghu advised other parents that it was “wrong” to report child molestation since it “ruins the lives of the children.” Chinese society places a heavy emphasis on pre-marital chastity in girls, he said.

To a certain extent, many of the cases may be related to a lack of sexual education.

China’s school system remains overtly conservative, and topics such as human sexuality are still taboo in most schools. While some city schools have sex ed classes, they remain separated by gender even through high school.

Li Qian, a judge in the Fengtai Court in Beijing, said both children and parents are typically unaware of the risk of child molestation. Parents of boys think it’s impossible for their children to be the targets of sexual predators.

Nowhere to Go

Yu Donghui, a member of the Psychological Crisis Intervention Alliance, said children who are assaults need to be reached within 72 hours of the act since it is their most confusing time. However, few parents are willing to take their children to see a professional counselor.

“I once had to talk to an 18-year-old woman who was suffering from serious depression. She even attempted suicide by cutting her wrists,” he said. “Depression that has reached that stage can develop into lifelong mental illness.”

Jiang Yue’e, head of the Women’s Rights Department at the All-China Women’s Federation, said the country needs more organizations to protect underage children. “The current level of social supervision is also far from enough,” she said.

But Chinese educators may finally be trying to make a change.

This semester, students in Fushun received a new textbook that explains the details of molestation using plain language and drawings suitable for both boys and girls.

Wu Shaoxian, Secretary of the Department of Education in Fushun, said the department had invited many parents to offer their input in crafting a book that would be both useful for the children and acceptable for families.

“Only when you have a better understanding of yourself and respect yourself can you protect yourself,” he said.


Tycoon’s son slammed for ‘vulgar obsession’ with buxom women

China, February 16, 2015 – China Daily

The son of China’s second-richest man is at the center of a media storm after telling reporters on Valentine’s Day that his top criteria for choosing a girlfriend was that she had to be ” buxom”.

Wang Sicong, the outspoken only son of real estate tycoon Wang Jianlin, made the comment at a charity event at a branch of his family’s movie theatre chain in Beijing.

Xinhua News Agency criticized him, saying he was spreading “undesirable obsessions with money, sex and violence”.

The 26-year-old, who is a board member of his father’s Wanda Group and chairman of Prometheus Capital, a private equity investment firm, helped raise more than 500,000 yuan ($79,950) for the China Next Generation Education Foundation by auctioning the opportunity to watch a film with him on Valentine’s Day. He also donated a further 500,000 yuan.

The following day the official Sina Weibo account of Xinhua carried a signed commentary accusing Wang of “breaching the bottom line of morals”.

It said: “A certain rich second generation boasted about ‘buxom’ women on Valentine’s Day, recklessly revealing vulgar information about the worship of money to sex and violence.

“Certain celebrities not only fail to take responsibility for promoting mainstream values, but also spread vulgar ideas. They don’t see it as a shame but instead see it as their own ‘distinctive personalities'”.

Wang, known for daring and sometimes controversial comments on Weibo, reposted the commentary, saying: “I just forward it, not saying anything.”

Hours before the Xinhua commentary, Wang had posted anther message on Weibo, saying that he “apparently made a joke” and “can’t believe someone had taken it seriously. He asked: “Am I that shallow?” followed by three “angry” emojis.


‘Karaoke killer kept sex slaves’

China, SEPTEMBER 23, 2011 – News Australia

A CHINESE man has been accused of murdering two women and keeping four more as sex slaves in a dungeon for two years.

Li Hao, 34, was held after police raided a residential building in central China’s Henan Province and freed four captives locked up in a dingy underground cellar, The Shanghai Daily reported.

The remains of two more dead victims were found buried in a corner, the paper said.

Detectives believe Mr Li trawled karaoke bars in Henan’s Luoyang City to seduce young women. Such was his hold on his six victims, cops said, he was quickly able to make them “fall in love with him”.

He kept them imprisoned in their squalid, subterranean pen for as long as two years – but they referred to him as “hubby” and “big brother” and even squabbled over whose turn it was to have sex with him, sickened detectives revealed.

One woman was allegedly murdered by Mr Li when she fought with another victim, The Shanghai Daily said. Another was killed in front of her fellow inmates as a lesson “to be obedient”, the paper added.

Mr Li was arrested after he released one of the remaining “slaves” to work as a prostitute but she tipped off cops.

The China Daily reported that Li, a former firefighter with a wife and one child, had dug out the 20 square metre dungeon himself beneath a storeroom.

The chilling case echoes the abduction of American Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was kidnapped by a couple and held captive for 18 years, and the gruesome crimes of Austrian cellar beast Josef Fritzl who kept his own daughter imprisoned for almost a quarter of a century, during which she bore him seven children.

Originally published as ‘Karaoke killer kept sex slaves’


Fried Chicken Restaurant In China Called ‘Call A Chick’ Is Asking You To Have ‘Sex With A Chicken’

China, NOVEMBER 23, 2016 – India Times

A fast food chain in China took capitalist initiative a bit too far and was disciplined by the government for being vulgar, People’s Daily reported. The Shanghai-based fast food chain, which specializes in fried chicken, is named “Call a Chick”.

Items on its menu have names like “chick with no sex life” and “chick and booty calls.” Shanghai Daily names some more menu items: “A virgin chick,” “having sex with her”, and “a sex partner of chick”, which refer to spring chicken, chicken drumstick and drinks, respectively.

The chain calls its telephone ordering service a “hotline for calling chicks,” and advertises that “Call a Chick” food “will satisfy every ounce of your fantasy for a chick.” And a card sent with takeaway food reads “the secret of a man who has 10 times of sex a night.”

The Chinese word for “chick” is a commonly used slang for ‘female prostitute’. The restaurant first came under fire in Sichuan after a woman complained to media that the menu embarrassed her because her eight-year-old son kept asking her the meaning of “call a chick”, Shanghai Daily reported.

The chain told Shanghai Daily it “designed” its promotional content because it hoped to attract young peple between the ages of 18 and 28, who were its main consumer group, when it was established two years ago. Some consumers have boycotted the fast food for being a bad influence, as they find its name and advertising “erotic and disturbing.”

In response to the negative comments, the fast-food chain issued a statement earlier this week on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like site, that it will change its name and the names of items on its menu.